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Sadly, when we look at the uploaded performances of amateur pianist, the result most of the time doesn't really reflect the effort those people put into their practise.

And that's because most of them are practising the wrong finger/hand/arm/body motions.

And that's because 99% of them lack the knowledge I teach in my book, "The True Technique of Piano Touch".

So why is that? Why can't adult pianists just simply learn these things from the beginning? There doesn't seem to be any reason, why anyone couldn’t just simply learn proper piano technique as an adult.

You as well possess the prerequisites: you have logical thinking, you've been visiting school as a kid, and most probably you already do excel in one thing at least - your field of work, expertise or profession.

So why would you learn and think about piano playing the same way a little child does?

Because nearly zero books are written about piano technique for adults. Hence, I wrote my book. This book teaches the Weight Technique - originated from Chopin - in a way that it's easy to read, easy to digest and will strike you as the most natural thing in the world - after you've read the book of course. The style is relaxed, kind of conversational. It's close to my real-life piano teaching style, so the book doesn’t feel like a huge university textbook. Although it is 180 pages long A4 sized, so it's not short at all. It is like a super-long mega piano lesson for you. Usually it takes me 10-15 piano lessons to explain all what there is in this book - and now, finally you'll get this whole lot of knowledge for only a fragment of one lesson's price! Isn't that incredible?

This book is teaching how to get through that huge obstacle. It's like a spiked wall between beginner/intermediate and advanced level piano playing. By gradually going through the separate mechanisms: how to use your hand, arm and body, how to move them and why, how to relax your wrist; the book uses a method which unites the separate mechanisms into an easy to comprehend system. It results in the knowledge of: how to control your instrument and how to completely avoid any pain and injury
via using the right motions. And the book does so via minimising the muscle force needed for playing the piano.

This book will help you to control your dynamics and to speed up your playing as well. In this book I use my unique approach to teaching: I mix everyday examples with basic sciences for teaching real piano technique. From this book you will gain a real pianist mindset, even if you have no musical education whatsoever.

So why do I call this book piano “touch”?

If you’d play the trumpet the first time, you’d need to learn how to blow the trumpet beforehand. There would be only ugly sound coming out of it without acquiring that specific technique first. The situation is the exact same with the piano. For the same analogy, The True Technique of Piano Touch will teach you how to touch the piano, so you can generate beautiful sound and improve your technique. Looking at it logically, It should be the first thing for everyone to learn really.

But somehow it isn’t.

And for that reason, I’d like to explain to you something. It's about why I wrote this book in the first place.

I was quite disturbed about how adult beginners, late beginners, intermediate and even some more advanced pianists played on youtube, facebook, etc. I was annoyed by looking at their hands. It was a living hell for me to watch them from afar, being unable to help.

So I needed to come up with something. I couldn't just sit tight, I had to do something to help. That’s why I started writing this book, “The True Technique of Piano Touch” 1.5 years ago. I’ve been working on this book since, until I’ve finished it quite recently.

And there is no AI, no ghost writer behind this book. Every single word I sweated myself onto the paper. It is 100% authentic, and you won’t find the knowledge I teach anywhere else on the internet. Even if you'd find pieces of it spread across the web, they won’t be organised in a comprehensive and intuitive system - which is  exactly my book's biggest value. I guarantee that.

In other words, writing this book was a huge amount of work and I did it completely alone, by myself - except the editing and proofreading and all the usual drill - so I've made sure that I couldn’t have been influenced by anyone else, which is super-important.

Why is it super-important?

Because the roots of the technique I teach, go back straight to Chopin, and Liszt adapted it as well. So I had to be very careful with who I choose to be my source of truth.

There is only one person who was my source of information. She started teaching me piano technique when I was 9 years old and kept teaching me until I reached 19. She was teaching me for almost 10 years. I’m talking about Izabella Darska Havasi, the most serious and professional, absolutely badass and merciless piano teacher I’ve ever known - I can thank her for my knowledge of piano technique and music.

She was already the student of György Ferenczy, well before I was born - and I’m well in my 30s myself…

(Side note: György Ferenczy was the student of István Thomán, who was the favourite pupil of Franz Liszt.)

So I wasn’t even “planned” by the time, when she founded the International Ferenczy Piano competition. She’s still an internationally respected professor of Chopin’s music and guest judge at various piano competitions worldwide. After all these years, She remembered me and She has validated the information I teach in this book herself. She was so kind to even write a foreword to it, which is probably one of the biggest compliments I've got my whole life.

So, what really happened here was that I developed her teaching further as I was teaching piano myself, until I cross bred those teachings with the sciences from my engineering background and finally abstracted all of it away in this book, so You can understand, without having to played the piano for 10 years.  Also, every minute you practice while not knowing what's in this book, will have a chance to make your technique worse.

You will read a bit more about this in Part 1 of the book as it's so very interesting how similar our main problems are at the beginning of the piano "journey" - yes, mine included.

So what is my goal here? What do I want? What’s the point of all this?

My goal isn’t to sell you the book. My goal is for you to read the book. Your thinking and playing will drastically change, just by reading this book, if you take a step back from the keyboard to understand and accumulate the teachings of this book.

That’s my real goal.

But it has been such a work to create this book; it has all custom made graphics: figures, photos, diagrams of all various logics and positions, in order to make the content more intuitive and self-explanatory.

I also have to say - without the intention of complaining - that for me to create this book, this whole job was an enormous effort. I would give it you for free if I’d be in that position, but I just cannot do that.

Instead, I’ll make an offer for you, which I think will be more than fair.

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