The True Technique Inside You.

Are You Stuck With Your Piano Technique? 


The True Technique is a unique method to learn and understand piano technique and music. Via mixing different everyday sciences and common examples, it teaches high level concepts in a modularised, easy-to-comprehend way. We Help amateur pianists, To fix their bad technique So That They can forget about pain and injuries while practising And take full control over their instruments.  

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Samantha Wild

Samantha Wild, a true polyhistor, took it as her life goal to make high level piano education accessible to amateur pianists, through her unique teaching methodology.

Being highly educated and professional in multiple sciences as well as music, she has a way of understanding and teaching music that immediately converts hard-to-grasp concepts into easy-to-comprehend, logical information.

Her ultimate goal is to give all the tools into your hands, which ultimately helps you express your emotions through the pieces you play on the piano, using piano technique of Chopin's heritage.


Does This Sound Like You?


  • Do you feel like... your notes are not consistent, you are not confident on the piano?
  • Does it seem... no matter how much you practice, you improve too slowly compared to the work invested?
  • Are you frustrated that... you will injure yourself while playing?
  • And when it comes down to it, are you...  just hopeless that nothing really helps, no matter where you look?


The First Book in The Series

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The True Technique of Piano Touch

This revolutionary book will teach you how you use your hands, arms and body to relieve any pain while practising and how to control your instrument via learning scalable piano technique. All that being delivered in a modern, intuitive and logical fashion. Starting from the basics and building up to advanced levels in a systematic way, you will be learning about a high range of topics. You don't need much music education for understanding this book, apart from basic sheet music reading. 

Have a look at the awesome demonstration video inside the below link, and learn about the spectacular FREE BONUS as well, which comes with the book.